Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RISD III Spring - Cover to Cover - Moby Dick

So I probably produced the stuff I like the most in Jon Foster's Cover to Cover class. So we'll start with that.

First assignment we had was Moby Dick. I remember reading Moby Dick back in high school and thinking it was the driest thing in the history of the world. Jon's instructions were to do a Moby Dick cover for an older teen male audience. With each assignment, we had to do 9 thumbnails and take one to a finished sketch. That was critted, and then we took it to final. I'll try to show you as much of the process as I have documented on each one. Here are the initial thumbnails and an alternate finished sketch I didn't use.So this was my proposal sketch for Moby Dick. I actually over developed a bit for the finished sketch. I was going for a graphic novel style approach. There are two whale bones arching in from the border and the whale skulls which are attached to the prow of the ship are represented in the design work towards the bottom. However, as you may have noticed I forgot to put them on the actual boat in the background.
I couldn't decide really where to go with it. General consensus seemed to be that the whale skulls needed to be more obviously skulls. But I felt they then started to look like teeth and liked them more as vaguely skulls/vaguely design elements. I still gravitate to one or another depending on my mood that particular day.I ended up using this one as my final:

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