Monday, June 23, 2008


Over the summer, a friend asked me to do a piece with dinosaurs. While I love dinosaurs, I was having trouble thinking of something that hadn't already been done to death. So I asked my friend Temma, who is a wee bit obsessed with Jurassic Park and raptors, what I should draw. She immediately replied a "a velociraptor serving ice cream to other dinosaurs."
So my second year at RISD hit a snag when I came down with mono during the fall semester. I tried to fight through it, but that ended up being a mistake and I was quite ill for a while. I ended up not making it back to school til the spring. It took me all semester to catch up on my incompletes and I feel all of my work that year suffered for it.

This is one of the few things I liked from my comic class.I also took Editorial Illustration with Chris Buzelli ( which was an awesome class. I wish I could have put more into it. This was the first assignment I did, to go along with an editorial piece about the show "Path to 9-11." Apparently the show laid a lot of the blame at Clinton's doorstep. While not my viewpoint, it was fun to draw.I had a lot of fun doing this piece as I do enjoy drawing elves and fairies and whatnot. However, I do wish one of my other thumbnails had been chosen, which involved a lot of pandas and red pandas playing instruments. It was for a section called "Bells and Whistles" in the magazine Plansponsor.
For Artistic Anatomy, I did a lot of drawings of myself. Probably the best one I did was this one of my wonderfully sculpted rear and legs heh.

Fritz Drury (, our Artistic Anatomy professor, told us a story during the class about how he'd fallen out of shopping cart when he was a little kid and broke his head. As a result he had to wear a football helmet around. I found this image to be quite hilarious and for my final, I did a pair of illustrations, one depicting Fritz as a kid, making an anatomically accurate man out of his toys. And one depicting Fritz as an old mad scientist, bringing the big yellow man (the écorché we used in class) to life.

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