Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RISD III Spring - Character Creation - Titan A.E.

So the big group project in Character Creation was to do a redesign of the characters in Titan A.E.Our group, which consisted of myself, Keith, Art, Stephanie, and Elisa, had some issues working as a team, but after some outing of some issues, we managed to move pass it and Shanth, our professor, thought we had some of the best designs in the class. Ultimately, I was pleased, as the two of the three designs he really liked were the ones I had the most input on (Akima and Gune) , and I loved the third one (the Drej), which I'll also post here, which design-wise was predominantly my friends Keith and Art while I came up with the logic that helped rationalize the design.With the Drej, they appeared to make no sense in the actual movie... they were pure energy beings who flew energy ships who for no apparent reason had decided on genocide for the human race. The problem with the whole energy being thing was that they still used guns to fire energy beams, they still had humanoid bodies, and the human characters had to interact with their various energy ships and buildings. Oh and when they were shot with energy beams by the heroes, they died. So we decided the Drej needed to have some more corporeal aspect to their form that the humans could disrupt. They also needed not to be humanoid while still having some kind of face that the viewers could identify with... and then we needed to figure out some kind of reasoning as to why they had this mad on for the human race. We eventually settled on the fact that they used the ruins and shards of a fallen advanced race to focus their energy beings around and then would travel by throwing out a shard and pulling themselves towards it. They had been the energy source of this advanced race but had gained sentience and overthrew their masters. They were out to get the humans, because in the humans they saw the potential to become their former overlords, and they'd decided to take preemptive action.

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