Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RISD III Spring - Character Creation

Before continuing with Cover to Cover...

I also took a character design course with Shanth Enjeti. Sadly the course was at the end of the week and I was always completely exhausted from my 3 other studios, including the project with the Story Hat, Inc. So it seemed to always get shafted in terms of the amount of time I was able to put in. I'm gonna skip around a bit and only post the ones I happened to be somewhat happy with. Most weeks we had two characters due.

The first assignment I did was probably my favorite. A monster from Northwest Indian myth:Then we had to do one for a positive trait we like about ourselves:
And then one for a negative trait in other people we didn't like: For this one we had to do a rounded organic character that was offputting:
This was preliminary sketch of the antagonist character for my final, in this case I chose to do Morrigan from Irish myth:

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